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Stage Door Dance Company is under the direction of Kelly Colgan. A 501c non-profit organization, Stage Door Dance Company was founded in 1991 by Julie Colgan. The Dance Company is housed at Stage Door Dance Studio in Manassas, Virginia.The Stage Door Dance Company was created for dedicated students who have the desire to experience working as a team and to improve their dance technique & presentation skills with the experience of performance/competitionThe Dance Company provides cultural activities, enrichment programs, artistic inspiration, career training, and employment opportunities for many young adults. Students participating in the Dance Company’s program will help youth develop and broaden their interest in the performing arts. Our dance programs will give children self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Hopefully, dancers will receive discipline that will carry with them for life; while enjoying the much-needed fun that comes from their classes.

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The Stage Door Dance Company consists of intermediate to advanced dancers in tap, jazz, and ballet. Dancers are selected by teachers' recommendations. Each member is required to be enrolled in a ballet class. Ballet training is crucial to a student's success as a dancer and is the basis for all dance. All members are expected to to work constantly to improve their technique and style, both in ballet or lyrical classes. All Company members must attend Stage Door summer classes and summer competition. Those dancers who do not participate in summer classes and competition will not be allowed to perform any company routines in the dance recital. If one of two members do not participate, the routine must be changed to accommodate the loss, which causes much confusion and leads to extra rehearsals.

Before a competition or show, there may be need for several extra rehearsals. If a member is absent at an extra rehearsal before a performance, the Directors have the option of removing the member from that performance. The Directors must be notified before an absence. If a member is absent from two rehearsals, the Directors have the option of asking the member to withdraw from the Stage Door Dance Company.

Each performance, small or large, is important to the dance education of the members of the Company and is important to the dances as a whole. When one member is absent from a performance, it affects the whole group.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stage Door Dance Company is a performing group. Therefore, members are obligated to participate in all performances. Members unwilling to make this commitment should reconsider their membership.

Membership in the Stage Door Dance Company does not automatically qualify a student to participate in the competitions. All members may be required to perform the competition routines individually and be judged as to whether they have practiced sufficiently and have mastered all the steps of the routine. If a member does not perform satisfactorily at these solo auditions, one week will be given for additional practice, after which, the member will audition again. If a member fails to pass the second audition, the member will be withdrawn from the competition, regardless of whether fees have been paid. These rules are designed to ensure that everyone puts forth an equal effort to have a FABULOUS group, regardless of whether the Company wins first place or not.

Company members will participate in 2-3 competitions during the dance year. Please be aware that competition numbers are choreographed specifically for a number or dancers in a group. if one or two members do not participate for whatever reason, the routine must be changed to accommodate the loss, causing much confusion and additional rehearsals. If the Company is attending a summer workshop and competition, and a member does not attend, the member will be removed from the production number for the recital. To ask those members who are attending to relearn new spots for the summer is just too hard for all involved.

Over the past year, there have been an increasing number of dancers requesting to do solos, duets, and trios. while this a fun thing to do, it requires much work and practice. If a member is interested in doing a solo, we would like to accommodate you. KEEP IN MIND, these numbers require much work from both the instructor and the dancer. After much discussion with teachers and parents, we must enforce the private class rule. These classes are $20.00 per half hour, payable at the conclusion of the private lesson. If a member is willing to do a number that was already taught, we will be more than willing to redo the choreography for a solo. If the dance is not at perfect performance level, the member will not be allowed to compete.

A parent's role is as important to the dances as the member's. Parents must be willing to support their child in attendance, promptness, and responsibility to the group and its Directors. This includes having a good attitude toward the group and its teachers, supporting the rules, and respecting the authority of the Directors. An ideal situation is one in which parents work together with their children to promote enthusiasm, cooperation and goodwill among the dancers. This will ensure that the group has a chance to perform to its full potential. In every case, the attitude of the parent is reflected in the child.

It is our sincere wish that each member of the Stage Door Dance Company has a wonderful experience. Please remember that petty jealous destroys everything. The staff at Stage Door Dance Studio is more than willing to help each member achieve his/her goals. We would all love to bring home trophies, but the self-confidence built by these experiences is worth more than any award won at competition.


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Dance Class Attendance and Tardiness Policies
Attendance on a regular basis is essential in order for the student to progress. As this is based on the number of students present, NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE IN THE CASE OF ABSENCES. Absences may be made up in another class. Be sure to alert the studio if there is to be an extended series of absences. ALL COMPANY MEMBERS ARE ONLY ALLOWED 1 BALLET ABSENT A MONTH, ADDITIONAL ABSENCES MUST BE MADE UP WITH PRIVATE LESSON OR ANOTHER LEVEL CLASS.
Arrival Time

Students should arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before their lesson begins, and should be picked up promptly after each lesson is over. The school is not responsible for students once their class is dismissed.

Late Arrivals
Students arriving to class after the warm-up period (15 minutes) will be asked to sit out that class. This is for your child’s benefit and physical safety. Your child will observe that class.
Bad Weather
We DO NOT cancel classes when schools are closed due to snow. If conditions are exceptionally bad, please call the studio in the afternoon to check, 703-330-5060. Or check on our twitter @SDDSOFFICIAL and STAGE DOOR DANCE STUDIO on Facebook.
Dance Attire

Please have your child come to dance class in appropriate dance clothes. All students are REQUIRED to purchase a black studio leotard from the studio. The BLACK leotards must be worn for EVERY dance class AND rehearsal. Pink tights should be worn for ballet. You may wear dance shorts over your leotards. NO SHIRTS ALLOWED.

  • Ballet: Pink split sole ballet shoes PINK BALLET TIGHTS AND BLACK LEOTARDS
  • Jazz: SO495L Bloch Neo-Flex Tan
  • Lyrical: SO495L Bloch Neo-Flex Tan
  • Hip-Hop: Mia GIA Black boots (competition numbers will be assigned)
  • Creative Movement: Tan tap shoes & pink ballet shoes
  • Tap: Bloch lace up tap shoes BLACK
  • Tap Level 1: Ben and Miller Tap Shoes


Our annual dance recital will be held in June. Participation is voluntary but encouraged. If a student does not wish to participate, the instructor should be notified immediately. A dress rehearsal is held the week before the show. Please Note: FOR YOUR CHILD’S PROTECTION, ALL STUDENTS MUST REMAIN BACKSTAGE DURING THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE. IF THIS IS A PROBLEM, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS BEFORE PURCHASING COSTUMES. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE OTHER ACTIVITIES ON THESE DAYS. There will be no flash photography or video recording allowed during the performance. Most the venues in the area have a year long waiting list so the date will be released as soon as possible.


It is our goal to keep the expense of the recital to a minimum, but it will be your responsibility to purchase costumes (averaging $75.00 each). Families purchasing several costumes are welcome to make advance payments to avoid the expense at one time. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.


Pictures will be taken for your enjoyment and for the studio yearbook. All group pictures will be printed in the book but individual pictures are only printed when parents and/or students purchase space. You may get sponsors to purchase ads for you. The pictures are the responsibility of the individual, not the studio. The pictures must be purchased in order to be in the ad. The instructors will pose all students, but parents must purchase pictures from the photography studio. The photographers are not a subsidiary of Stage Door Dance Studio.


Parents wishing to discuss their child’s progress should send a note to arrange a time for a conference.
Please do not try to talk to the teacher between classes.

The staff at Stage Door is looking forward to teaching your children this year. We are always open for suggestions and constructive criticism to make Stage Door the best dance center possible.


Fall 2016-2017 Tuition Rates and Registration Fee
All tuition for the dance studio is based on the season (Sept. - June), Not by the class or month. Payments may be made for 10 months. Payments are due the first lesson of every month in advance. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED CLASSES.

Registration Fee $30.00 fee is due and payable upon registration each year. Registration fees are per family, not per student and are not refundable.

Hours Per Week
Fee Per Month
1 Hour


Max Out*
Elite Program
$30.00 Additional Tuition
$30.00 Additional Tuition
*After max-out of paid tuition by any family, all additional classes are free.
Please note that a $25.00 late fee will be charged to your account if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. There will be a $30.00 charge on all returned checks.
Private Classes

Students are chosen for private lessons to learn solos, duets, etc. based on their ability, attitude, and performance in dance class. Students wishing to take private lessons will be evaluated and approved by the teacher. Cost of private lessons will be available upon request.


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