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Pre School Classes Ages 2.5 to 4
Dance class for toddlers containing ballet and tap. Students are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary, while exploring movement and music in a fun, creative way. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, listening and working with others. This class is a positive and fun first dance experience for all!

Mini Classes Pre K to 1st Grade
This dance class is for kids just beginning their first years of school where they learn more steps including routines for each genre. We also introduce jazz and hip hop at this age!


2018-2019 Tuition and Fee Information
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All tuition for the dance studio is based on the season with 10 installments (Aug. - June), not by the class or month. Payments may be made for 10 sessions. Payments are due the 4th Monday of every month (with the exception of a holiday Monday) . THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED CLASSES.

  • Payment 1: August 27th (Late September 8th)
  • Payment 2: September 24th (Late October 6th)
  • Payment 3: October 22nd (Late November 3rd
  • Payment 4: November 26th (Late December 8th)
  • Payment 5: December 17th (Late January 5th)
  • Payment 6: January 28th (Late February 9th)
  • Payment 7: February 19th (Late March 5th)
  • Payment 8: March 25th (Late April 6th)
  • Payment 9: April 22nd (Late May 4th)
  • Payment 10: May 20th (Late June 1st)

Registration Fee $50.00 fee is due and payable upon registration each year. Registration fees are per family, not per student and are not refundable.

  1. Monthly tuition can be paid with cash, checks, credit, or debit cards. Cash and checks can be placed in the tuition box on the desk.
  2. You can also pay online at HERE 
  3. If you would prefer to have your tuition taken care of monthly, by automatic debit, please see a staff member at the lobby desk for a form.
  4. This year all families MUST have their own account on The Studio Director you can log in to see your balance and submit payments.

Late fees will be assessed for unpaid balances. Any account unpaid by the late day (regardless of the reason) will automatically be charged a late fee of $25.00. If you make a payment late, please be sure to include the late fee with your payment. Thank you for your coopera- tion.

The returned check fee is $25.00 and must be paid immediately upon notice. Any accounts with an unpaid balance exceeding 45 days will result in the dancer not being per- mitted into class until payment is received in full.

Missed classes may be made up within one month of your absence. No credit or refund is given for student absences, holiday closures or weather related closures.

Hours Per Week
Fee Per Month
1 Hour


Unlimited Classes
Additional Competition Classes
$30.00 Additional Tuition

*After max-out of paid tuition by any family, all additional classes are free.




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